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    Handling few-to-many publishing in a NetGroup




      It has been mentioned in some blogs and presentations that NetGroups are suitable for one-to-many or few-to-many stream publishing. However, as Michael has mentioned a few times in this forum, a delay of a few seconds is expected when multicasting in a NetGroup.


      Given this, consider the case of two publishers having a conversation with each other in a NetGroup, while the other members of the NetGroups are watching them. Due to the multicast delay, the two publishers will always receive each others audio/video with a few seconds delay, making it impossible to communicate for them. Is this the right way of handling few-to-many stream publishing in a NetGroup?


      As an alternative, it is also possible for the two publishers to get connected to each other by direct-connection to eliminate the delay problem; while each of them publish another stream to the viewers NetGroup. The problem with this architecture is that each publisher has to send two copies of the outgoing stream, which is not ideal for people with a medium upload bandwidth.