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    fxg, font embedding, RichText

    toddcoulson Level 1

      So I am trying to get a good workflow between FXG exported from Fireworks and copied and pasted into Flash Builder. The problem is that the font never really gets used in the new location. All of my graphics transfer over easily (with the exception of the s: tags, but that is minor). So I am questioning how to get trade gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 and Trade Gothic Condensed No. 18 to reliably get embedded and ready for use with RichText tags? Or should I be changing the RichText tags? Is there any standards on this, ideally it should be a copy and paste around all programs Fireworks, Catalyst, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash Builder, but I am sure that goal is still being worked on. So I am wondering what the best methodology would be for now to get text graphics from Fireworks into Flash Builder?