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      Well i am currently mkaing a virtual world using flash cs5 and smartfox server. I have all the stuff done but then i try to start the movie it says "Fonts should be embedded for any text that may be edited at runtime, other than text with the "Use Device Fonts" setting. Use the Text > Font Embedding command to embed fonts."

      Does anyone know what this means and can help soon please and thanks
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          On the Menu > Text > Font Embedding you need to embed all fonts you wish to use specifically in your project, i.e. you need to select a font from the list of fonts installed in your system, then a style (if more than one available), then it would be a good idea to select a range or manually type the characters you want embedded (or else if you embed all it will swell your file size); then click the '+' and give it a unique name in the 'Name' field. In the tab 'ActionScript', set linkage properties, such as (usually) 'export for AS' and 'in frame 1'. If you're still using the Classic text engine, the outline format DF3 (as selected); else choose TLF. In AS, when referencing the font, use the font name - usually the one given in the font embedding window, at the bottom (but if that doesn't work, you may need to use a font editor to open the font file and check it's actual name). I can go on if you like...