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    Suitability of 4-bay docking station for editing


      I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge / opinion on the suitability of this 4 bay esata, usb 3.0 docking station for PP editing purposes. http://us.startech.com/product/SATDOCK4U3E-4-Bay-eSATA-USB-3-to-SATA-Hard-Drive-Docking-St ation-for-25-35-HDD  It looks like it has 1 esata connection and 1 usb connection for all 4 bays.  Would this result in a bottleneck of sorts for reading / writing of data?  Would a person be better using 2 or more separate docks, each with their own USB / esata connections?  I'm thinking of this for use with a laptop where there would be only 1 esata port (and no smart card slot for additional esata options).  What do you think?