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    Build Booklet error 7215 "Invalid State for Requested Operation"

    Bugs Dad

      I have PageMaker 6.5 and have created a 48 page doc.  I have 3 master pages.  When I use the plug-in for building a booklet, it stops and I get the above error 7215.  It only gets through the initilization step and stops on "transferring left master items".  I have checked (about a billion times) to see if anything is over the margins.  I have deleted the 2 master pages I created and I removed all text and grapics from the lone Master page.  Tried to build the booklet again and this time it stops on "imposing papes".  I have used this build a booklet many times before but this time I just can't get it to work.  I am about to lose my mind.  Can anyone help me?