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    Will Premiere Pro CS5 answer my needs ?

    Fabio Colasanti

      I have been using Premiere Elements (3, 7 and 9), but now I am encountering a difficulty.


      My problem is the following one.  My previous camera (RIP) was producing ".avi" files.   During a typical holiday I was shooting hours of video, which I would then upload to PE3 (and later PE7) to cut and edit them to a video of about an hour and a half which I would eventually burn on a DVD. I have loaded more than 3 or 4 hours of video on PE3 without major difficulties.


      Now my new camera produces "m2ts" files (1440 x 1080) and PE9 recognizes them.  I was able to edit and burn a DVD of about 10 minutes without any difficulty.   But when I tried loading all the files of a recent holiday in Italy, the system collapsed. It sent the "low memory" message and eventually got stuck.


      I am in the process of changing computers and I will eventually use Windows 7.   I would be prepared to make the jump to Premiere Pro CS5.   But before making this big jump, I would like to have help is answering the following questions.


      Would Premiere Pro CS5 really solve my problems? Would it allow me to upload and edit a couple of hours of ".m2ts" files? Would it allow me to burn DVDs or Blue Rays from the edited videos?


      Many thanks for any help.



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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          CS5 will do a great job with that material, on an adequately spec'ed computer.


          The one difference that you will find when working with PrPro vs PrE is that one will use Encore to do the authoring. It is a full-featured authoring application, unlike the limited, built-in authoring in PrE. You will love the greater control, BUT the semi-automatic nature of authoring in PrE does not exist. You do more by hand, but with that greater control.


          With Adobe Dynamic Link, you can easily go from PrPro to Encore. There is also a great Adobe Encore Forum, for questions on authoring.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I assume that you will be new to Encore, and highly recommend a book by Jeff Bellune, The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe EncoreDVD 2.0, Focal Press. Though for an earlier version of Encore, everything in that book will apply in Encore CS5. Now, CS5 has added some things, like the full Dynamic Link, but Jeff's book covers the basics perfectly, and will share some "secrets" along the way, unlocking many features of Encore. Well worth the $, and the read.


            Good luck,



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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              Since you're getting a new computer anyway (presumably a newer, faster, more capable one), I'd suggest to trying out Premiere Elements on that once you have it. If you don't encounter any issues, I'd suggest just sticking with PrE--you know how it works, you're comfortable with it, and it will do just about everything you need.


              While Premiere Pro is certainly the more capable program, it comes at the price of steeper learning curve, higher hardware requirements, and many times, a mode of operation that befuddles the more casual video editor. Unless you really and truly need the capabilities of PPro--and ultimately, that's up for you to decide--I think you'll have a better time with Premiere Elements. The programs really have almost nothing in common, except for the name.


              Look at it this way: one of these programs is a touring motorcycle, and the other is a tractor. One of them is relatively limited in its utility, while the other can do a whole lot more. Thing is, one of them is a heck of a lot more fun to drive if all you want to do is see the sights

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