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    swf plays in Windows browsers, but not in Mac ones

    quietquakes Level 1

      I'm trying to create a simple swf file containing an m4v file along with default player controls. I want to add this to a Web page.

      I've successfully generated such a file, and using the HTML generated by the publish option, I've gotten it to play on IE, FF, Chrome, and Opera under Windows 7.

      When I try to open the same Web page from the same location on my Mac, however, I see the player controls with an green animation that indicates loading. The movie itself never loads. I've tried this under Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on Mac, all with the same result. I've also had friends try this on other Macs, with the same result.

      Is there some difference in how Windows and OS X deal with SWF files that I need to account for? Something else I could be missing?