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    LoadVars and French characters

    Level 7

      Hi all

      Bit of an odd one, but I have a flash game with french text. at the end of
      the game, a block of text (which varies depending on what happens in the
      game), is emailed out to you. The email is sent using an .asp script and
      'loadVars' and 'sendAndLoad'

      The problem is, the resulting email does not have the french characters in -
      instread they are replaces with a couple of other characters (like é).

      The thex appears fine in flash - a trace in flash shows them fine too.
      Using the asp file on its own in a browser and manually adding a french
      sentance works fine too.
      I'm kinda thinking its when flash 'posts' the text string that the charset
      is being lost or something?

      Does anyone have any clues? Or is there a way of doing a sendAndLoad 'POST'
      with charset=iso-8859-1

      If anyone needs a more detailed explanation, let me know