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    Playback progessively getitng slower and slower


      When I first played with Premiere, it could read the footage from my canon T2i like a charm, no herky-jerky playback, no waiting for the "play" button to refresh everytime I shuttled (both in the source monitor and program). After using for only a couple months, the playback became impossible, to a point where today I deleted the program and reuploaded it. Now, it's back to working seamlessly! I don't want this to happen again, and I searched the forums to no avail, so I am asking ya'll. Before the delete, I trashed my prefs, tried everything I could google, nothing worked. I have a i5 but it's not my system, because the progrma works fine form the get go... but steadily gets slower and slower. I hope htis doesn't become another bloating forum, because I deleted everything and it was still slow. Help!!!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The symptoms you raise remind me of an insufficient disk setup, where fragmentation is the final culprit to bring your system to its knees. Hard to tell will all the details you gave.

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            ~DSH~ Level 1

            I read/viewed your post about harddisk assignment etc etc. I only have one harddrive, 1TB in size... I have an external USB though (500GB). Is there a way to partition my internal or perhaps use my external to speed up Premiere and perhaps alleviate this problem I am having? Or do i need to set up something more similar to yours?

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              cvid01 Level 4

              You should have at least two hard drives, one for system, one for media. More hard drives would be preferable. See the Hardware

              Forum of setup. An external USB drive will not likely work. An eSata might.

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                ~DSH~ Level 1

                Ok, well, I'll take these suggestions home and see if i can figure some stuff out, perhaps I will send some of my system specs... but I think the problem is, as you state, fragmenting of my drive because everything is running commonly. Where you form Haarm? Norway? I wanna go up there sometime. ~ Duane

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                  I assume since you said that you "trashed prefs" you are on a mac.  There is another thing in my experience that will bring performance down to a crawl and that is media cache files and media cache database files.  If you never go in and empty those it will (or at least on all the ppro stations I have worked on in the past) over time bring ppro to a crawl.  Go into ppro's preferences go to media and there you will see media cache files, and media cache database.  you will see the file path for each.  Go through the finder to that folder and empty it.  Ppro will have to make new ones for the active projects that you are working on, but it will get rid of all of the ones that are still there bogging down your system from old projects.


                  Also, if you have an external HDD, you can put project files on your system drive, and then media and scratches on your external.  Not the best setup to have only 2 drives, but it might work for small lower res proj.  You said it ran seamlessly before, so obviously it has worked for your particular workflow in the past.


                  Try that.....lemme know what ya come up with.



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                    Chemex74 Level 1

                    which might be the reason it went back to running good after you deleted the program and reinstalled.  I keep those files cleaned out after every project I do and my machine runs fantastic.  Have done the same thing on the mac systems I have worked on in the past and it seems to make a huge difference.

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                      Harm Millaard Level 7



                      I'm from the Netherlands.


                      A single disk is not enough. You need at least two 7200 RPM (e)SATA disks and preferably more. Have a look at Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup


                      Partitioning will not help at all. It will make performance decrease somewhat and it will increase the wear-and-tear significantly, resulting in much earlier death of your drive. USB2.0 drives are great for backup, but nothing else. They are much too slow, around 5 times slower than SATA drives.


                      You would be wise to get a 320 GB Samsung Spinpoint F4 disk for OS & programs (less than $ 40) and use your current disk for media, projects etc. as indicated in the link above.

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                        Chemex74 Level 1

                        Hey Harm,



                        I think he might be on an iMac.  (judging from the comments about trashing prefs and only having 1 internal drive.....and he siad it was an i5)


                        just my guess though......and if so....he would only have usb and 1- firewire 800

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                          ~DSH~ Level 1

                          I will send specs with I get home. But in the meantime I am on a Dell PC i5, with a single HD that is 1TB. I went to get a HD uesterday and did not recognize the eSATA plug so I just got a usb... is eSATA mac only? trashing prefs was what I gleaned from a forum about pc's. It boiled down to holding shift/alt when starting premiere and going in and deleting some other stuff... as I could not find the preferences files they were tlaking about. Maybe I was all turned aorund and actually reading a mac forum... cause' it didn't work anyways hence me deleting Premiere and re-uploading it.

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7



                            Apart from other shortcomings, MAC's are severely handicapped by the lack of eSATA. PC users have the advantage of eSATA, which is much faster than anything MAC offers.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              When using externals, this ARTICLE might prove useful.


                              If your Dell is not a laptop, then I would first consider adding at least one, and probably two new, physical HDD's. If a laptop, then eSATA is the way to go, with FW-800 a second-best choice. USB has other issues, beyond just the lack of read/write speed.


                              Good luck,



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                                Chemex74 Level 1




                                as everyone has said....having at least one other HDD is needed, but 2 more besides the internal system drive would be better.  If you have the room for internals if you are on a desktop, I know that WD makes some nice internal drives with 64mb cache for under a hundred bucks.  If you prefer externals then take a look at lacie, or hitachi G-Raid external Raid-0 enclosures.  Those when connected eSata to a tower run very well.  Even on a laptop those connected eSata would significantly increase read/write speed.


                                The media cache files I would assume could also be a culprit......and erasing and reinstalling could have very well erased the old ones giving you a fresh start.