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    From flex to flash professional?




      I'm making an air app, and i need a login system.

      Is there any good solutions for how I can transform this:




      ..into actionscript code instead?

      The link uses flex and php, and I want to use php and as3.


      Any help would be much appreciated:)

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          somascope Level 3

          There probably isn't going to be anything that would automate this for you. My guess would be that you have to be versed in both AS3 and in Flex's use of MXML + AS3...and would have get down and dirty in the "do it yourself" way.


          If you haven't already cross-posted this, it might be good to check in the Flex forum. But, again, I don't think you'll find any quick fixes (but I hope you do, since we all love 'em!).