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    Multiple INSERTS into database from one call of a CFC Function

      I have a CFC that logs page visits on my websites. This logging works great on all my web pages except for the 2 that use SES URLs. on those pages I get multiple INSERTS into the database.

      I have test that the CFC is only getting called once, that there are no includes calling the CFC from anywhere else etc.

      I'm running Windows Server 2003 Standard, CF 6.1, SQL Server

      I would like to know how ColdFusion handles page requests. For example...


      IIS somehow knows to send this request to ColdFusion... what does ColdFusion get from IIS?

      we have code on the file.cfm page that parses the url into chucks so we can use it
      but before that happens does coldfusion think it's seeing multiple directories? in other words is it calling th Application.cfm file multiple times before it knows that it's a SES URL???

      Please Help :P