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    Bug Report: LrPrefs.prefsForPlugin()

    areohbee Level 6

      Had a strange bug:


      Was working on a plugin, when suddenly got error:


           "Table is excessively nested" (dunno which "Table")


      Finally traced it to the line with:




      Changed it to:


      LrPrefs.prefsForPlugin( _PLUGIN )


      And all is well.


      Note: this is repeatable for one plugin ( i.e. delete the _PLUGIN parameter and the problem recurs ), but the other plugins aren't having the problem nor did this one until all of a sudden after making seemingly innocuous change.


      PS - Passing _PLUGIN.id does not solve the problem, it has to be the plugin object proper - contrary to documentation.



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          DawMatt Level 3

          Hi Rob,


          Was there anything different about the preferences stored for that plugin? Did they contain embedded tables or anything else that might have helped trigger the problem?



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            areohbee Level 6

            I'm redoing ExifMeta to use preferences for the metadatabase, so yes - I've been putting the preferences through quite a workout.


            Also, I attempted to clear all preferences. I did go through a phase where I was storing tables in preferences, then switched back to simple elements. The error was not immediately thereafter, but still could be related.


            Maybe tables were left dangling by clearing prefs or something - dunno. The table-pref access was so slow it clearly meant something was not well table-prefs-wise...