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    Second monitor only shows when I  open PPRO a second time.

    shooternz Level 6

      CS5 WIN7 - 64 Pro


      Looking for a suggestion /solution  to an issue I have had for some while.


      I have the latest Nvidia Drivers for QuadroFX3800 but the issue began at least two previous versions ago.


      I open PPRO and it does not see the second monitor. It is not an option in the Playback settings.  (Not even there / Not greyed out)


      In fact it shows an image briefly (flashes on then off) on the second monitor  then turns it off (ie. the image going to it from the source monitor.)


      I shut out of PPRO and re open it almost immediately.  Bingo.  2nd monitor shows and its is also an option in the PB menu.