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    HDV Capture

    Catul Level 1

      I'm a hobbyist and have about 20 DV tapes (Sony VX2000) and 10 HDV tapes (Sony HVR-A1U) that I'd like to capture on my PC, primarily for archival purposes so I can sell the old(er) hardware. At some point I envision going through all of this footage and culling out a few hours of keepers, which can be later transcoded to a high-quality format. I currently use Premiere Pro CS5 for all editing.


      My PC is a couple of years old (Q6600 @ 3GHz, 4 Gb RAM, SSD main drive, additional local and networked storage) along with Adobe Creative Suite CS5, running Windows 7 x64. I also have NeoScene v1.60 if necessary.


      What's the best format to capture this footage, one that's fairly universal and likely to be easily read over the next 5-10 years? I don't plan on doing more than basic trim/split editing.


      The DV seems easy, ScenealyzerLive or WinDV probably being one of the better options right?


      The HDV footage from the HVR-A1U is the main concern. Should I just use something like HDVSplit and capture to MPEG-TS video (m2t files)? Seems like capturing using the Cineform codec would be overkill for my needs, and lock me in to a non-standard format.


      Thanks very much for any pointers and suggestions!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Due to the nature of the footage you have, you're best off just capturing to the format that corresponds to the digital signal on the tape. The DV tapes will be captured to DV AVIs, and the HDV tapes will be captured to HDV M2Ts. To oversimplify it, you're really just "copying" the data of the tapes, since they're already digital.


          Premiere Pro will do a fine job by itself for the DV tapes; many folks seem to be using HDVSplit for HDV capture, as it doesn't appear to suffer all the syncronization issues that HDV capture in Premiere Pro does. In the case of both DV and HDV, you're looking at about 13GB per hour of footage. You should be safe with these codecs and formats for a few years to come; these were standard "pro" codecs that trickled out into the marketplace, so there should be support for them in the future.

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            Does CS5 support the sony hvr m15n deck?  I can control it with the capture window, but cannot see or hear video.  Also reads "capture device offline" at the top of the window.

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              Ed Edited It Productions

              I've had all kinds of issues with sync/drift with HDV and Premiere Pro CS5. with long clips. I'd consider another tool. It's possible that I have a weak setup - but I've heard similar people report issues as well.

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                Catul Level 1

                Colin, thanks so much for your reply; you've confirmed what I thought - looks like HDVSplit is the way to go because of Premiere's syncronization issues with HDV. Good to know that I'm basically copying the data off the tapes, both DV and HDV; that way I get the best quality for preserving the footage, in a format that should be well supported for a while.


                Much appreciated! Now on to getting 50+ hours captured and then archived/backed up.

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                  Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  syncronization issues with HDV

                  Is due to capturing long clips in stead of using scene detections.

                  CS5 now has scene detection for HDV.

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                    SFL46 Level 3


                    I did not know that. I recently captured a long HDV tape and broke it into subclips manually.  I noticed in later subclips that the audio was out of sync.  I unlinked the audio and video and by ear resynced the clip.  With your info, I am wondering what will happen when I encode for export--is PPro going to follow my resync or is going to knock the final output out of sync.


                    Any idea?

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                      Ed Edited It Productions Level 1

                      That's great that Premiere CS5 has scene detection. But if I shoot, say, a dance recital or wedding ceremony on HDV, (as one very long scene) how exactly am I supposed to use scene detection? I sincerely appreciate Adobe's help on this matter, but using scene detection is a workaround to what seems to be a real limitation of Adobe's ability to capture HDV accurately. I shoot higher quality without any issues... I was really disappointed when I had to work Adobe and HDV.