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    Flickers between cuts?


      Have any editors here encountered the issue of what appears to be flickers between clips in a sequence? I'm having this problem with some scenes I'm working on. It involves images that are of different formats. So if I jump from an interview that I shot to other footage or jpegs I collected, it doesn't play as a smooth cut, but rather sometimes I see a frame or two of a flash. This flash is not in the actual images or files. It only appears that way when I play it back and it's still there after export. I used a fade transition to remedy some of them but it'd be good to know what the problem is. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my sequence settings, fps settings, etc.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9
          I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my sequence settings, fps settings, etc.


          Perhaps, but we will need to know what the source footage is, and also what the Sequence Preset is.


          My first guess would be a lack of Handles, but you seem to be experiencing these "flashes" with butt-cuts and not with Transitions. Is that correct?


          Just in case, take a quick look at this ARTICLE, so we can rule out Handles early on.


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            lliu1979 Level 1

            Yes I'm just talking about straight cuts, not transitions. My interview footage is in 1080p, some in 60i and some in 24f. The flickers appear when I have other types of images (footage I've collected from people, photos, jpegs, etc.) cut before it. Where do I go to see what my Sequence Preset is?


            Someone just emailed me this info and so I'm gonna see if this will help.


            "In Premiere Pro CS3 I've come across this problem when the clips were from

            different frame rates that were "interpreted" on a different timeline (i.e.

            a 29.98 conformed to a 23.976 timeline). It only happened occasionally

            where the fractional part of the last frame of the clip didn't match up

            exactly with the whole frame in the timeline. It was really difficult to

            see until you zoomed into the timeline all the way and saw that the render

            bar ended BETWEEN the frames. The fix was to cut off that last partial

            frame. In reality it wasn't a "partial" frame, but the way that PPro seemed

            to calculate the time index wasn't frame or field dependent and there ended

            up being partial frames due to rounding errors. I haven't had that issue

            with Premiere Pro CS5, although I haven't tried mixing frame rates like that

            in a timeline anymore."

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Thanks for that clarification. That rules out a lack of Handles, as I suspected.


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