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    Audio import changes speed of audio

    David Sandwisch



           I am trying to edit and mix sound effects and music for a FLASH animation in ProTools.  After much trial and error I figured out how to make an accurate Quick Time of my FLASH file to spot sounds to in ProTools.  The problem is when I import my audio into FLASH, it speeds up making it out of sync with the picture.  I did several tests and it looks like for ever minute of ProTools the audio in FLASH speeds up 2 frames.  Both programs are running at 24 FPS.


      It is not a NTSC vs Flim speed issue.  All other programs read my PT audio file correctly and show it to be the correct length with the SFX where I placed them.  FLASH speeds it up, making my animation not time to the music and effects causing me to painfully resync all my layers.


      How do I accurately export a sound file into an AIFF format and import it into FLASH without FLASH changing the speed?  I have my audio set to Stream as it should be.  After 3 minutes my audio is 8 frames (1/3 of a second) out of sync with the picture.  This is totally unacceptable to me and my client.


      I am highly versed in ProTools and other video software but am brand new to flash.  Ultimately I want my FLASH timeline to be in sync with my PT timeline.  Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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          munkeymike Level 2

          Have you tried other file formats? Perhaps encoding to an FLV with Adobe Media Encoder. At that point you could try throwing it in your movie as an FLVPlayback component or doing a netstream.

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            David Sandwisch Level 1

            Thank you for the ideas.  I really want to import a WAV but I can't make FLASH CS5 import it.  It says "One or more files were not imported because there was a problem reading them."  My WAV file is readable by every other program just fine.  I made an AIFF of exactly the same audio with the same export settings in PT and FLASH will import that except it changes the speed by .1432%


            *Note:  This is not an NTSC vs FLIM speed issue otherwise it would be eactly .1%.  I am 100% confident my audio file from PT is at film speed and it does import correctly into other programs like Final Cut without speeding up.


            I made an export from PT as an MP3 CBR and that audio file speed up even more.  It was over 1/2 second off right from the beginning.  I don't know how to use the Adobe Media Encoder or what an FLV file is but I am sure I could figure it out.  In theory I shouldn't have to do that as FLASH should import audio without changing the speed for any given format.


            Again my FLASH setting for the audio file is set to STREAM.


            While we are talking about FLASH, I'd like to figure out how to change my timeline to black and white for a given range of frames in the middle of my animation.  How do I set this up so the B&W effect affects all the layers in the stack for a given range of frames?  I am very new to FLASH so you may have to give me exact steps on what to select and how to change it to a movie clip etc... if that is the way to do this.




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              moccamaximum Level 5

              Flash always has this issues especially when the timeline is over 30 seconds ;-)

              It will always mess up your synch, quality, pitch whatever.

              It is no postproduction tool like after effects, its strength are prototyping and preproduction.

              You should really consider the option to do your postproduction in AfterEffects (you already have the animation exported),

              from there export to flv and load that flv via FLVPlaybayk-component in an empty swf container (if that what your client is demanding)