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    Adobe Reader X Printing Error with HP 5p


      I recently updated to Adobe Reader X and now my printer won't print any PDFs.  I can print the same PDF with Adobe 9 on another computer so it is not the printer.  It prints and error page saying:


      "This job requires more memory then is available in this printer.

      Try one or more of the following, and then print agian:

           For the output format, choose Optimize For Portability.

           In the Device Settings page, make sure the Available PostScript Memory is accurate.

           Reduce the number of fonts in teh document.

           Print the document in parts."


      I have tried all of the these and still get the same error message.  I am glad I still have a copy of reader '9' that I will reinstall, but I hope someone at Adobe will fix this bug in 'X'.

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          HealthcareHelper Level 1

          I'm having the exact same problem. My document is a one-page item distributed by the federal government, so theoretically no problems within it that would give the public problems. I found a similar message about this in Adobe's forums where the person was told they should not have Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro and Adobe Reader 10 installed at the same time. Well removing Acrobat is dangerous, because when I installed Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, an expensive Web design tool, its installer said Acrobat was required for Dreamweaver to function. And one more thing: This effor message we're getting talks about going to the Device Settings page and making sure the Available PostScript Memory is accurate. I can't find a Device Settings page. I've even Googled the Web to find out what it might be; no luck!!