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    Designing Forms and Source Control


      Excuse my ignorance but I have just been given a demo of Adobe Live

      Cycle within our Department.  My background is Code Development and all things regarding Source Control

      namely Team Foundation Server 2010.  One question I posed to the presenter that when developing forms within the Work Bench application is

      it possible to version control the design of these forms?  He could not answer that question as he did not design the forms.

      Can some one please tell me if this is possible?

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          $Nith$ Level 4

          You can have different versions of applications; An application consists of various assets including forms.

          However, you cannot have multiple versions of form within an application.


          Perhaps, Adobe keeps track of (versioning) each save changes to individual assets within an application. Developer cannot control these versions but can make use of them (i.e later you can revert any previous version of assets which Adobe maintains)