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    Need Help On Flash CS5 Hit Command For A Button




      I signed on to this adobe forum hoping some one can help me. Ive created a navigation bar in Flash CS5.


      Ive got my up, down, hover states to work perfectly but the state hit i just cant seem to figure out what it does.


      What im looking for, is for someone to help me with, when a user lets say clicks on 'Home', i want that link to stay 'red' so that user knows its on 'Home Webpage'.


      I dont know if i have to add code in flash for it to do that or if its done by the hit function. Because ive set which colour hit should be, but when i hit/activate the 'Home Webpage', it wont stay a solid colour, to show its active. It just goes back to its original colour after doing hover/down/hit.


      i would be so grateful if someone could help me with this problem..