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    Computer Build Complete!  Is my Windows 7 Index score ok?


      Hi All,


      Thanks to your help, I just completed a magnificent computer build problem free!


      I have the i7 950, ASUS Sabertooth, Coolermaster Haf 942, 12 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Ram (3X4), GTX 470, 300gb Velociraptor (OS, Editing Programs, Pagefile), 1 TB Samsung (Media), 1 TB Samsung (Previews, Cache), and a 320 GB external eSata drive for media.


      I ran the Windows index score test, and received the following:

      Processor: 7.5

      Ram: 7.8

      Graphics: 7.8

      Gaming Graphics: 7.8

      Primary Hard Disk: 5.9


      So it seems my primary HD is the bottleneck.  But is this 5.9 score for my 10,000 rpm drive something to worry about?  Should it be higher given the specs of the drive?


      Also, with my arctic CPU heatsink, my CPU idels at 34 C, and when put to a stress test goes to 54 C.  Are these numbers good?  And would overclocking be wise as a next step?


      Thank you all!  This build would not have been possible without you.