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    Auto select Layer?


      In photoshop you work on the layer you selected. Flash keeps selecting underlying layers. Is there a way to stop the auto selecting without turning on and off lock?

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          I think this how flash works. 'Lock' and Hide' the layers you dont want to select on your stage.


          This what i've been doing when i have multiple layers but stacked on each other. I used these steps whether what is possible:

          1. lock

          2. hide

          3. click-and-drag, then deselect all the layers i do not want. By using this, i must know where is center point of each objects.


          I hope this will help!




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            happihappihappi Level 1

            In photoshop you dont have to hide the layers. Its hard to know where to adjust things to if your constantly having to hide the layers. Im just learning some drawing techniques and animation. If I am drawing a jaw and trying to make sure its under the head I want to know that they are aligned.

            Thanks for your reply.

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              prodigalmaster Level 2

              You dont have to hide them, just lock them so they are unclickable then when you want to edit a particular layer unlock it. If you want to see through a layer but see the outline then click the square box next to the eye for that layer.