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    swf files will not play in preview


      I created a flash website in Flash using keyframes and ActionScript 3.0. Because each page is built in a seperate document, I ran into the problem of choppy transitions. I thought I would give Catalyst a try, since it seems like it offers lots of great benefits--and smooth transitions! So here's the problem... I put a full page swf file on each page and then added a navigation menu. When I try to preview it, the index page (entirely swf keyframes) sometimes runs and most times freezes. The home page runs perfect (created with ActionScript 3.0) and none of the other pages run because they each start with swf timeline. Would the swf file size have something to do wih the problem? My swf files are not too gigantic. The smallest swf file sizes are 192kb, 384kb, 480kb, 704kb, 1.1mb, and 3.2mb. Am I missing something?


      Thanks for any help you may be able to give.