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    Can Premiere Pro CS5 do this?


      I made a short video with an older Polaroid digital camera. I'd like to edit the video (to cut parts out, lower the "volume on some of the existing audio, add a sound track (music) and add a credits page). Then, like the other 6.6 billion people on the planet, I'd like to upload that video to YouTube.



      Is this what Premier Pro CS5 is for or am I thinking about shooting a gnat with nuclear b*mb? (I do have CS5 web premium but tremble at the thought of purchasing an $800 Adobe product along with its learning curve when a $99 C^mtasi^ product will do the job)


      Thank you. (And yes, I am feeling mildly guilty for not sticking with Adobe...)

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          A consumer application like WMM, Premiere Elements or Magix seems much more attractive for your purposes.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Harm.


            The clincher would be the format and CODEC used by that Polaroid camera. PrElements handles some consumer material better, than PrPro does, but is still rather limited in what it can work with easily. The great, free utility, G-SPOT, will tell you all about your source footage from the Polaroid.


            I have found that both CyberLink PowerDirector and Magix MovieEdit Pro can handle a bit more, but still not everything that you could throw at it - too many formats and tweaked CODEC's for any program to handle anything. Sony also has several Vegas editors, and maybe one of the lower-end versions would be great too. I have never used any Vegas programs, so cannot comment.


            All are in the US$ 100 ballpark, and Windows Movie Maker is installed with most MS OS's, so it's basically free.


            From your description, I think that any of those would do a good job. The commercial apps. will offer you more control, and more possible Effects, but do not sell WMM short. Especially with formats/CODEC's, like WMV, it is a pretty good little program.


            Good luck,