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    AsUnit with FlashBuilder 4?


      I have FlashBuilder Standard, so I don't have the FlexUnit feature.  Can I use AsUnit instead?  Compatible with Flex 4.1?


      Is AsUnit still active? I went to their website and got the impression that it hasn't been updated in a while.

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          Wrataxas Level 2

          After googling around, it appears that I *can* use FlexUnit with FlashBuilder Standard, by downloading it and adding it myself.  I just don't get integration with the IDE.  Anyone had good results with that?

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            MikisMM Level 2

            Sure. It works fine. The only inconvenience is, as you have already stated, that you don't get any integration with IDE. Anyway I don't mind editing my FlexUnitApplication.mxml sometimes on my own. All you need for getting started with FlexUnit can be found on their website. Give it a try. And I recommend using Hamcrest matchers instead of those old-fasioned assertEquals(), assertFalse() and other assertion statements. I find this much more appealing:

            assertThat( list, hasItem (hasProperties ({"name":Mike, "age":18})) );

            All in all this is almost the same as JUnit and all other *Unit testing frameworks.

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