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    Exporting multiple video tracks as 1 file with different effects on each track.

    thatblokeoffthetelly Level 1

      I am currently trying to export 3 video tracks as 1 mp4.

      Each track has exactly the same footage, but with different effects to achieve a certain aesthetic.

      When I view the sequence it in premiere all 3 tracks are displayed correclty.

      The exported version appears to only export the uppermost track, track 3.

      Track 2 and 3 have opacity set to 47%.

      Track 1 opacity is set to 100%.

      I have tried exporting a test project that has multiple layers and there was no problem.

      I have NOT tried exporting a test project with exactly the same opacities and effects, as it's a bit time consuming. I will do so if I can't get a stisafctory solution from the forums.

      The problem, I believe, is down to the layering of effects. In this case on track 3 I have procamp, which is boosting the red in 1 layer. This is the image I get once the final piece is exported - track 3's.



      How do I get the effects of each layer to show properly in the export?




      Why is the exported version missing tracks (or the effects of tracks) 1 and 2?