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    Flash Professional Project error: SecurityError: Error #2000: No active security context.

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      I have a flash professional CS5 made project which I decided to intergrate into a Flash professional project from within Flash Builder so I can edit and debug the project there. I had various of issues when doing that but anyway, I have 1 particular problem which is crucial at the moment. When I run/debug the project from within Flash Builder, it opens the browser window, loads the site correctly, executes the code but when it reaches the line where I use the Loader class to load an external swf, the flash player debugger window shows up and displays: SecurityError: Error #2000: No active security context.


      In this project I have 3 Fla files and all are located in the same folder. I've created the flash professional project using the main.fla which loads the other 2 swfs.

      I am testing this locally so my bin-debug url looks like this: file:///D:/flex/flex_projects/main/bin-debug/main.html


      How am I supposed to solve this issue. Anyone, please help !!!


      P.S. The project works perfectly when i run it from flash professional CS5 in the projector, so no problem there...




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          I figured out the problem, but I am not able to find a natural solution for Flash Builder.


          The problem shows up, because when I try to run/debug the application (the fla file of the project), every single assets I have like other swf files, xml files, images etc is not located in the debug folder and my relative urls don't work. If I copy all of the assets I have in the debug folder everything works fine.


          It was possible from the project properties -> Flash Professional -> to add all the fla files I'd like to be published when I hit save, and they get exported to the bin-debug folder, so now I don't have problems with the swf files. But still I think that should be included in the copy process of all assets. If The fla files are set to publish, then copy them after the publish, if not then just copy them, along with all of the xml and images files etc.


          So my question here is: Why Flash Builder doesn't copy all the files from the Flash Professional project as it does for a Flex project. It should copy all files that are not as or fla files.


          How can I solve this issue, except manually coping my assets. Is there a way to add which assets should be copied in the big-debug folder when run/debug the project?


          P.S. And one more idea, maybe if I select the default output folder to be the source folder of my fla project insted of bin-debug, I could solve the need of copying everything ?