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    Tips on how to speed up preview/debug build time?

    DaveGallant Level 1

      I am building an air2.5 application and I am still learning the finer details of Flash.


      Our project has a number of images and sounds, and the file size is starting to get up there, but nothing that we are worried about for our end product.


      However, every time I try to run the program by using CTRL+Enter or CTRL+SHIFT+Enter (which I use ALOT), it takes FOREVER to "exporting SWF movie" (like 3 minutes every time) and I suspect as the project continues to grow and more assets are added, it will get signfigantly worse.


      I've tried to disable the "compress move" option in the publish settings, but it made no difference.


      All my images and sounds have been setup as classes so i can reference them through my as files and flash code, I rarely do anything "on the stage". Alost all my sounds are wav files (for the moment) and the images are PNG's (as I need the alpha channels)


      The only thing that I was able to think of is making the graphics and sound assets in some kind of pre-compiled library that doesn't have to get compressed and compiled every tiem I try to debug, only I haven't a clue how to do that, or if it's possible.



      Does anyone know of any ways to improve the build time for debugging and such?

      Or anyone have any tips and tricks/do's and don'ts when it comes to this kind of thing?