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    Action is not enabled - error


      When I try to invoke the italic using




      , I get the above error "Action is not enabled".


      When I try enable it using



      I get the error that the above property is readable only.


      Which setting/script should I change to enable it??

      I am working on cs5 server/cs5.




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          [Jongware]-9BC6tI Level 4

          I bet this means you don't have any text selected (which is what would enable the "Italics" menu item).

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            ravicsadobe1 Level 1

              var mySelection = this.app.selection;
              itemSubElements.item(textvsub).select();     //1

            //this.app.select(itemSubElements.item(textvsub));   //2
               var itemIDitalic=this.app.menuActions.itemByID(119611);

                itemIDitalic.invoke(); // apply italics - same as [cmd]+[shift]+[i]

                this.app.select(mySelection );



            The above is the code which I am trying to use. We are using cell styles and paragraph styles.

            The alert at the top prints the contents fine.


            I have tried to use //1 and //2 alternatively, but both failed at .invoke();