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    PDF Not Sending via Outlook With Multiple Profiles




      I'm having an issue with the "attach to email" function under the file menu.



      When I choose “Attach to Email”, new message is created in Outlook. When the message is sent it does not appear in the Outlook “sent” folder. Nor does it save to “drafts” when closed and saved. Recipients of email do not receive the message.


      Everything works fine when having only a single profile in Outlook. Problem only occurs with more than one profile when the setting:

      "When starting Microsoft Office Outlook, use this profile:" is set to "Prompt for a profile to be used". There's no problem when having the setting set to "Always use this profile". So it seems to be getting confused about the profiles. The wierd part is that after removing a profile and setting the choice back to "always use..." the mail gets sent and the recipients receive the messages. So it's almost like after hitting, "send" Adobe or Outlook are hanging in the background until "always use..." is set, but I haven't noticed any processes popping up in task manager.





      • “Attach to Email” works when having only one profile in Outlook.
      • Problem occurs in Acrobat 9
      • Problem occurs in Reader 9 and X
      • Once profile is removed, messages are sent and received by recipients


      Thanks for any information or help!