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      I made my first form and was looking for a branch based on answers like in Adobe Acrobat forms.

      I cannot find branching.


      Please comment on branching and compare to  Adobe Acrobat forms regarding question types available.



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          VarunParmar Level 1

          Currently we don’t support conditional logic / branching, however, it is very high on our list of priorities and we will add it in our next major release.  For now you will need to add instructions to the form to inform respondents to skip or answer subsequent questions based on their response to a particular question.        


          Also, FormsCentral supports all of the common question types, including text box, paragraph text, date, single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, single checkbox.  In addition, you can specify data type (numbers, currency, or text), easily add validation logic (required field), and include Help text.




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            RandySwineford Adobe Employee

            We just added the ability to do page skip logic in our release last week. It should help you meet the requirements that you described below. I wrote up an explanation of the feature here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/869959


            Please look it over and give us your feedback. Thank you for your patience!