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    Need a simple Flex Project to understand variable scopes in files, packages and classes


      Hi there,


      I am new to flex and want to understand variable scopes in files, functions classes and packages. Any pointers, downloads?


      I am working on my first project, just to get the hang off it.


      imported a XML file displayed in a datagrid. (main file)

      This datagrid has a (customitemrenderer in a separate file A) and is drag enabled


      A second datagrid (main file) with (customitemrenderer in a separate file B) as droptarget


      I wanted to drag and drop single cells but that did not work with the datagrid component.


      So I tried as a separate project to drag text from one label to the other, works fine.


      Now I want to get my drag and drop code into my first project.


      Should I put the code in the main file and reference to the customitemrenderes as childs?

      Or should I put the code somewhere in a class?


      Maybe a stupid question but I hope I get some pointers.