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    Adobe Reader crashes on importing form XML data larger than 500KB


      I'm trying to import XML data into a PDF form using Adobe Reader. When the file size of the XML is smaller than 500 kilobytes, the PDF form loads the data fine. However, any larger than this leads to Adobe Reader crashing without a warning or error message.


      I've tried this with Aodbe Reader versions 7.0.5, v9 and even the latest Adobe Reader X: same result. So the latest version does not have any patches for this issue so far.


      To be more specific, the form is an IPC-1752-2 v1.0 Material Composition Declaration form. The XML data is generated by a software. Some of the XML files worked fine but others caused Reader to crash. Experimenting with a repeating data node, I tried different file sizes and came to the conclusion that Reader crashes past around 500KB.


      Any patches or quick workarounds will be greatly appreciated!