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    How come my aif audio file keeps looping?

    johnny860 Level 1

      I have an aif clip that I edited in soudbooth. The song is Let me hear you scream by Ozzy Osbourne. Yes I know this is hard music lol. But anyways I am doing a project for school and do not need the full song. So I cut it down in soundbooth and saved as an aif. Then I imported this file into flash library and now into my timeline where it plays the song. My problem is when I hit test movie it plays about half the music clip and then it loops again to the beginning starting the song again. So what I get is that eventually the song plays like 3 times at once each at a different part of the song clip. For those Ozzy fans who know the screaming sound just imagine 3 times the scream at random . How can I fix this so that my sound plays once without looping? What if I wanted to replay the song clip but only after the song clip has ended? I am working with actionscript 3 for some of my code but I thought sound was fixable without sound. Any ideas? Thanks