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    Make this go away!!


      Hi Guys,


      ive asked this in a few places and probably on here as well but i really need a solution if poss.


      I have many swf's on a page with the magnifying spyglass effect, The page is here: www.wayouttshirts.co.uk (it would probably help if you had a quick look to see the effect i will describe).


      The problem is the glass stalls (if you know what i mean) when i roll out of one and into another so all of them on the page looks messy. They all end up with the glass still present on the edge when i roll out. Im not brilliant at actionscripting but im learning, so is there any method of getting the glass to dissappear when i roll out?


      I have tried all the obvious ones i can think of to no avail!


      Any advice muchos appreciated!

      Thanx in advance