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    Adobe Reader X and Outlook 2007 Printing


      Hi there,


      I'm not sure if anyone has answered this post already but does anyone know why the quick print feature has disappeared when printing PDF attachments in Outlook 2007 ?


      Here's what I mean. I have several users who for sake of not getting carpal tunnel would multiple select emails with PDF attachments say a 100 at a time, then right click on the selection and left click on Print. Outlook would open adobe for each PDF quickly then close again with no problems.


      Now what is happening is that the first one opens but an AcroRd32.exe process (and window) stays open until the user manually closes the window, then the next one will print and so on. This isn't acceptable for our users. We have required upgrading to the newer version of reader due to the fact that a lot of government sites and other business websites require the newer reader to open their files. we can't go back to older versions or would not be convenient.


      Our users are either using Windows XP SP2 or SP3 client machines.


      I'd like to know if this change was by design or accidental and is scheduled to be fixed in an Adobe Reader Update ?


      Also, if not by design is there a workaround (other then telling users to open and close windows all day long) ?


      Also does this have anything to do with the MDI versus SDI changes ? (for those that don't know heres a link:



      Thanks in advance !