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    .flv not playing in browser


      Hi Everyone-


      I'm facing an enormous conundrum and I was hoping somebody here may be able to shed some light on it.


      I have a flash presentation that presents .flv files to the user. I have the main menu in a .swf file, and when the user selects one of the segments to watch, it calls up another .swf to display inside with an .flv embedded in it. This is so we only have to program one little popup menu and it frames all the videos. The presentation is going to be burned to a disc so a user will be able to watch it locally without having to be connected to the internet. Initially, I would just publish a Flash projector file and be done with it, but the disc kicks up the AutoPlay program on a PC, and the client has indicated that this simply will not do; it has to run right out of the box without the user doing anything. I offered what I figured would be a benign solution; embed the .swf into an html file and have it launch in the browser upon insertion.


      Here is where it gets sticky: The whole presentation works just fine ... until I try watching it in a browser on a PC. The .flv file simply will not play. At all. The file works fine if I open the containing .swf, and the menu .swf, locally or deployed to a server. I've tried re-embedding and re-publishing on a Mac and a PC, I've tried fixing the Javascript call in the HTML file, I've checked my video codecs (on2 VP6) I've put all the files on the root of the disc, I've put all the files in a sub-folder of the disc, I've checked, double-checked and double-dog-checked all of my pathnames, tested it in every browser on every computer I can get my hands on... but still no dice.


      The bizarre part is that all of the similar projects we've done are not working as well, so I can't check how the previous ones were set up for any kind of comparison. I'm sorry if this a long-winded post, but after hours of research and publishing and moving, I'm not any closer to a solution. I'm really hoping someone can help me out here.


      Thanks in advance!


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if you're using an flvplayback component make sure the skin is in the correct location.

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            ParkLemon Level 1

            The video does not have a skin on it. It just loads, plays and ends. I have an ActionScript listener attached so that when the video ends, it goes back to the main menu.


            I hope it will be helpful to add in some info that I left out of the first post. I don't know how handy it will be, but here we go:


            The presentation is coded in AS2. It was built before AS3 came out, and since all the projects we've done have been very similar, it's easier (and cheaper) to just swap out some files and graphics than fixing what ain't broken.


            I'm using Flash CS3 on a Mac running 10.6.6, but I've also tried publishing it on a PC with Windows XP in CS3 as well.


            The only place the .flv files don't work is in a web browser on a PC, regardless of whether it's embedded in an .html file or if opened by the browser. If I view the .swf files in Flash Viewer, the .flvs load right up, and they work when I view them directly in an .flv player as well.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              videos don't just load.  something must be loading it.


              are you importing your video to a timeline in the authoring environment?

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                ParkLemon Level 1

                I'm importing it as a 'progressive download from server' deployment. I don't want to put it in the timeline because the videos are 2~5 mintes each, and I don't want them to de-synch.


                I tried adding a skin to the video, but that didn't solve the problem; even after making sure it was located in the same folder and linked properly.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  upload your files to a server and post a link to your embedding html.

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                    munkeymike Level 2

                    My guess would be paths. Are you using relative or absolute paths?


                    Also, when you added a skin to the video, did the html page at least show the skin?