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    4 mc's on the root timeline. Using onClipEvents... all mcs play at once.

    Skoolbus777 Level 1

      I have 4 mc's on a root timeline. I'd like each, when clicked, to animate individually. Currently with the code I have, when I click one, they all play. 3 of these mc's are identical mc's (they have instance names, but aren't called out in the code, not sure how to). The fourth mc is a different mc altogether, yet this particular mc along with the other 3 (identical) all play at once.


      I thought using "this" would only have the mc I click on play. Not the case. I also tried putting the instance name (i.e. onoff1) bofore "this." and after "this." and no luck.


      Thanks for any help, and I regret to say that I'm not savvy in AS2, so I hope you don't mind spelling things out for me because this a bit over my head.


      Also, wanted to say, that the mc's timeline do have a stop at the beginning and end. So when you export the swf (currently) the mc is stopped, and when you click on it they all play to the next stop. So they act like I want them, just that they're all animating at once no matter which one I click.



      onClipEvent(mouseUp) {