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    Export HTML with links for email signature


      Let me start off by saying i am REALLY NEW to fireworks and fairly new to using HTML.  I understand it and can pretty much follow along, but i am defiantely a beginner...


      I want to have an HTML signature for use in outlook using an image file that i created.


      I have an AI file that i created to use an the email signature with outlook.  I put all text in using illustrator and exported a PNG.  I opened the PNG with fireworks and tried the following:


      1. Tried using hotspots over the pieces of information (like a clickable email address) i want to be links

      2. Tried slicing the image and exporting that.


      Both times, if I view the HTML file in a browser, it works perfectly.  When i move the one with hotspots into the appropriate signature folder for use with outlook, the hotspots are just not working.  All it shows is the image and no links.


      When i put the one using slices into the appropraite folder, everything is clickable, but the slices are visible, and "cut" through the image (lines all over the place)


      Let me know what other information you need, but i think there has to be a way... i just dont have it.

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          pixlor Level 4



          If you want to have an HTML email, then your whole email needs to be HTML, not just the end of it. Also, email clients are not as capable as browsers, so you are much more limited in HTML email. For instance, I don't think you can use image maps (which hotspots require). Just because it works in a browser is no indication that it will work in the main email clients.


          For some info on creating HTML email, check out



          Another service: http://www.mailchimp.com/

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            frettfreak Level 1

            its not an actual email (like a sales email) that i am trying to create, its just an email signature.


            Is there a way to create an "invisible slices"?    Here is an example if what i am talking about... This is what slices look like when i export the html for a signature...




            THis is what the setup in fireworks looked like prior to the export...



            ???  Any ideas?  Thanks for anything you can throw my way! 

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              pixlor Level 4

              You can't do it that way. What you call "invisible slices" is a hotspot and it uses an image map, which won't work in email. I realize you're new to HTML, but just because you can export working HTML for a browser out of Fireworks (a graphics program) doesn't mean that HTML will work in email. It is very much unlikely to.


              If you want to put images in an email, that's fine, but you can't do image maps (using hotspots). If you want to slice up the whole design and use a table, then your images would have to be hosted on a server somewhere, because the email content would be the HTML, not the images. Even then, there's no guarantee that the email client used by your recipients would download the images automatically. I use Outlook, and unless I add a sending address as a trusted sender, images will not automatically download. I see nothing. If you want to use CSS (and your design can't be emulated with pure CSS, at least not very easily), then you would have to put all that CSS inline.


              Since you say you are just starting out with HTML, you will need to learn, first, how to create what you want in HTML/CSS, and then you will need to learn a whole lot more about HTML in email. HTML in email is much more restricted and problematic than HTML for browsers.


              And if you have an HTML signature, then you have an HTML email, you can't just tuck a little HTML at the end. It doesn't matter if the purpose is for sales or not, all the same tips and tricks apply to what you're trying to do.

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                G Pundir

                i would like to reply to Mr pixlor, we can use hot spot on images and can send them throw emails and the links works as well, Outlook supports only basic HTML codes and doesnot recognise codes for hotspot that is why is is very difficult to send images with different link on them throw email when Outlook doesn't recognise it. their are number of other companies which allows you to create emails with complete HTML tags thow them you can send 1 email to your self on your email and then forward it to all your clients. some of them even give free trials for a month. if anyone needs to know the source of website which allow you to create HTML emails with complete tags can get advice from me. thank you


                G Pundir