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    What can I do to print???

    alanjay8 Level 1

      I use Adobe for all my received invoices/quotes which I need to print for my business payments etc

      Currently, with this fiasco ongoing, I am unable to do so! I have to write it all down...

      Quotes sent by businesses for clients are impossible to forward!


      All the "tricks" and suggestions supplied by various members are a no go zone! Turn off my

      protective mode??? Are they sick?


      Adobe, world renowned, has hit a brick wall!  That wall is now being splattered by the proverbial

      fan splattering the **** onto it!!


      Promises of this debacle being "resolved soon, but don't know when!" is a disgrace!

      Is this the best answer to come up with??


      No "try downloading an earlier version" etc...??  Mind you, none of them work either!


      It seems the world needs other than adobe to be affiliated to!


      Anyone have a good alternative??

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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          alanjay8 wrote:



          Anyone have a good alternative??

          Well, all I can say is software is software.


          There are a few alternatives out there but many of them have their own set of troubles depending on how they are used.


          One may print just fine (and Adobe Reader should but again, software is software) but choke if you need to open and fill out a form. Also, other PDF readers may not have all the options that Adobe Reader has but then again, that could be part of the problem.


          So the best alternative is to find an alternative that works for you AND your clients, that is if one exists.

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            ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Just one thing to add.


            If you are having a specific problem then bring it up here (and be sure to supply as many details as possible) because one thing Adobe software has over some of the other alternatives (especially PDF readers) is a great network of fellow users to answer questions and help work out issues with it's products.

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              alanjay8 Level 1



              Supplying as many details as possible is not the answer. Adobe admits there is a fault,

              and may take "some time" to repair!.


              I have not been able to print an invoice from suppliers for over 3 (THREE) weeks!

              Nor instructions from clients..... I have to write it all down! How stupid is that!?


              Adobe says it has about 0.02% of clients experiencing this problem. Really?

              Last read, over 300,000 people were experiencing the same problem. World wide!


              Upgrading since 4 years ago has left me in the lurch! I could download every PDF, but it suddenly stopped,

              telling me I had to upgrade.... what a farce that has turned out to be!


              A world-wide syndicate... with multiple eggs on their face..... A crying shame!!


              NO apologies! NO quick attempt to fix this either.


              It seems Adobe needs to pull their socks up!  GREAT opportunity for

              another company to step in an annihilate them!



              Get this sorted!!