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    video stabilization


      I have got as far as marking the area to stabilize with one fixed point.


      What do I select now to proceed to stabilize?


      I have spent a lot of tme searching "help"but cn not find what I need.


      I am using AE5 for Mac.





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          Samuel Chrisna Level 1

          choose play and let it stabilize. then choose apply..

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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            Follow the instructions here.


            There are some tutorials here.

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              Earlycat Level 1



              Thank you for the email with links to subject of "footage stabilization"


              Adobes method of stabilization is very complex compared with FCP "MOTION' application  which I first used about four years ago.


              I think the problem is that Ae is really a Windows application with use on a Mac a secondary consideration.


              For instance,I bought Adobe Press "Learn by Video" After Effects and Premiere Pro Dvd tutorials and there is no help for a Mac user on the subject of stabilization.


              There is just a mention of the subject in Ae which I realised applied to Windows users,no help for Mac users on the subject in the Ae video.


              I will perserver with the Adobe Pr and Ae but think I am going to kick them into touch.(Rugby Union term)





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                Earlycat Level 1

                Samuel Chrisna


                Thank you.


                Will use your recommdation.



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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The trick to stabilizing footage in After Effects is to pick a big enough area to search. It's straight forward and should be very easy to figure out. The procedures are exactly the same for Windows and Mac. You pick an area, track, then apply to a layer. Any tutorial that explains the procedure in a Windows machine will work on a Mac.


                  AE originated on a Mac, it's always been written for a Mac, but there are probably more windows users out there because there are more windows machines. Every pro shop that I have visited or worked in or with in the past 4 years has been a Mac shop. I'm sure that Adobe is committed to the Mac.


                  Premiere Pro was just recently written for the Mac, but here again, the procedures, the keyboard shortcuts, the software is exactly the same on both platforms. You just need to substitute Alt for Option or Command for Control. when you use keyboard shortcuts. For example I write Cmnd/Ctrl + y for a new layer.

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                    Earlycat Level 1



                    Thank you very much for your reply,I found yourcomments about the history of Premiere Pro very interesting.


                    Turning to stabilization in Ae, is there an option to analyze the footage behavoir before choosing stabizatio?




                    Horizontal and Vertical


                    Scale or all three?


                    Or is done differntly in Ae?


                    Thank you



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                      Dave LaRonde Level 6

                      Earlycat wrote:

                      is there an option to analyze the footage behavoir before choosing stabization?




                      Horizontal and Vertical


                      Scale or all three?


                      There's a very inexpensive and accurate device to use for such analysis.  It's called the human eye.


                      Watch the footage over and over again.  If you've watched it ten times in a row, you're just getting started.  Scrutinize it for the type of stabilization you need.  Identify tracking points in the video.  For the beginner, it's just honest hard work.  As you get more experienced, it gets easier.

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                        Earlycat Level 1

                        Rick Gerard,


                        Thank you for your reply.


                        Please would you give me some more advice?


                        In AE cs5 help section 3 it states "Select Position,Rotation,and/or Scale to specify what type of key frames to generate for the target".




                        Well, that option does not exist on the Ae screen I am looking at.


                        I am not an ameteur and have used FCP Motion to acheive stabilization and many similar tasks but Ae has beaten me.



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                          Samuel Chrisna Level 1

                          if u want ti just stabilize footage, u just set the position and rotation. for example, just watch http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial/3d_light_casting/ for stabilize footage..

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                            Earlycat Level 1

                            Samuel Chrisna,  
                            Many thanks for your very useful reply.





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                              glad to help you..

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                                Earlycat Level 1



                                I am still trying to use After effects to stabilize some footage but finding it very tedious.


                                I have used FCP Motion for four or five years so am not a novice.


                                The scene with track points has been selected but nowhere can I find the instruction to "analyze" despite trying every option available.


                                It seems as if my edition of AE is different to the one to which the instructions refer.


                                Well it is the Mac edition.


                                Your help would be appreciated again.


                                Thank you,



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                                  samuel_18-abHh2M Level 1

                                  ummm.. im using mac too.. would u sent the screenshot of ur AE edition..? the tracker must in the window > tracker > and the analyze button is in there..

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                                    JesseHarris Level 1

                                    Try enlarging the Tracker window, it's all the way at the bottom next to a button, Reset.  I'm on a mac, AE 10.1

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                                      Earlycat Level 1



                                      Thank you again.


                                      I have reinstalled AE and can now acess "stabilization"


                                      When I became interested in PR and AE downloaded the trial and when I decided to buy them ordered  DVDs and serial number.


                                      Carried out a clean install of PR but only used the serial number with the trial version of AE.


                                      I know this may sound strange but have learnt by using FCS for many years that these things happen.





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                                        Earlycat Level 1


                                        Thank you for your advice.


                                        Carried out a clean install of AE.


                                        Can now acess "stabilization"