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    AE CS5 render freeze


      i am trying to render a 550 layer video (HDV) with after effects CS5.

      The render queue estimated 25 hours to render the 3 minute video.

      After 17 hours it froze up and gave the following message:

      "after effects error:  an output module stopped responding.  the file may be damaged or corrupted.  you may need to restart after effects."


      I have a Two 2.93GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” (12 cores) machine with 64G of RAM with the following preferences in AECS5:

      RAM for other apps = 3G

      RAM available for AE = 61G

      Installed CPUs = 24

      CPUs reserved for other apps = 12

      RAM allocated per background CPU = 3G

      Actual CPUs that will be used = 12


      Any ideas whats wrong here?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  This is all new equipment.

      Thank you


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure what a 550 video layer is. Depending on what you've doing it could take 25 hours to render a 3 minute video but I suspect that your project settings are not matching codec native sizes or that there is something else very wrong. Generally you shouldn't be rendering back to a capture codec. IOW, if you're starting with HDV render to ProRez square pixels rather than trying to go to a GOP Mpeg format directly from AE. You'll have much better luck.


          What codec are you rendering to?

          What is the composition size?

          What effects are you using?


          The info about your system is helpful, but only if we know something about your project.

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            noahklersfeld Level 1

            i have 550 layers of video in a single composition.

            each layer has a mask in it...that is the only effect.


            i am shooting HDV, capture at 1440x1080 and

            work in 1440x1080 in AE.  I am rendering out

            to HDV1080i60.


            does this help?

            thank you

            noah klersfe

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > I am rendering out to HDV1080i60.



              What, exactly, are your render settings and output module settings? Your answer above is confusing to me. I doubt that you are actually rendering and exporting to the HDV format. What format are you rendering and exporting to? What codec? The easiest way to give us the information that we need is to post a screenshot of your render settings and output module settings.


              Have you installed the After Effects CS5 (10.0.1) update? That update fixes a lot of problems.


              Your memory settings---specifically regarding RAM to leave for other applications---are quite far from what is recommended. See the recommended memory settings here.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                You could just render to an image sequence and assemble it in a second run? Rendering to a clip format with MP enabled does rarely ever make sense due to limitations in the CoDecs, frames being required to render in sequence etc.. Could well be that you could render the whole thing in much less time that way and especialyl end up with something useable even if it crashes halfway through...



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                  noahklersfeld Level 1

                  i am installing the AE and encoder updates.

                  i am increasing the RAM for other applications from 3G to 16G leaving 48G for AE.

                  is it ok to leave 12 CPUs for other apps and 12 CPUs actual?

                  Here are my current settings:


                  AE CS5 preferences.jpg


                  Here are my settings from the render queue after the failed attempt:


                  AE CS5 render settings.jpg


                  Does this help or would you need more information?

                  Thank you very much

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                    noahklersfeld Level 1

                    larger images for better clarity

                    AE CS5 preferences.jpg


                    AE CS5 render settings.jpg

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                      have the same problem, i uninstalled optical flares plugin then it solved.

                      i can now render my comp with quicktime animation codec.