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    .swf issue I can't seem to pinpoint...

    RuesterProd Level 1



      Above is the link to my problem .swf file. I am trying to get the bullet to fly in smoothly and ease to a stop.


      Also there appears to be some audio trying to play, but I have no audio in the library, or the stage!


      I can't get this animation to play smoothly at all.


      This was originally exported from an After Effects project (CS4) and there are only 8 layers - 1 for the bullet, 4 for button text, 1 of the main title, 1 of the dude standing (I'm hopefully going to have the title fly in from behind him) 1 of the bg and other text together.


      Can someone give me an idea of why this animation won't play right? (Oh and I'm using Flash CS4 to do this)


      Thanks all,


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          what's your frame rate?


          and you've got sound somewhere in your swf.

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            moccamaximum Level 5

            If you load the bullet external (via Loader) you might want to play a stop frame on the first frame.

            and only when the LoadingisComplete start the animation.


            Another thing: you might want to cut down your different assets to the minimal size, if you haven`t done it already.

            Many peaople that come from after effects assume that a transparent layer doesn`t cost render time. For example: Don`t export the layer where the bullet flies at full stage size (with lots of transparent area around) but instead cut the bulltet to its actual size and take the time to position it manually.