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    Flex3 question

      I bought Flex2 then installed it successfully. Then uninstalled it from one machine and installed again on another machine (same OSX version). The new install would not accept my serial numbers, so I cannot use it. Then I downloaded Flex3 which is a 30 day trial. I put in my serial numbers on Flex 3 and they were accepted. Does this mean my Flex 3 install will last until October? I read that somewhere but I can't remember where. I had spent several days trying to get help from Adobe with the problem with Flex 2 not recognizing my serial numbers but I got tired of being on hold. The last time I was on hold was for 1.5 hours. I cannot get anyone to help me at Customer Service or Tech Support. When I call, usually someone picks up fairly quickly but then they transfer me, and after such long wait times, I finally just give up. So I've got a boxed product I paid for and I cannot use it. Fortunately Flex3 took the serial numbers, but when October rolls around I'll be out of commission. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also I need to know for sure if Flex 3 will really last until October because if it locks me out in 30 days, I will probably be in the middle of a project I won't be able to complete. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Is the Adobe company having some sort of problems that cause this sort of thing to happen? These long wait times on hold don't make sense for a functioning company --- is there some sort of troubles in the company causing this?