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    Unable to transfer eBook


      I purchased and have been using an eBook using Adobe Digital Editions without any problems on my windows computer.  I recently bought a macbook and I installed Digital Editions on it.  I activated it using the same email address I was using before.  But when I try to open the pdf it says "Document is not licensed for this device type.".  Redownloading the book from http://ebooks.primisonline.com gives me the same error.


      I use this book a lot for work and I really need to be able to access it quickly.  Can someone help?


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          I am having the same problem and Adobe technical support was unable to assist me.   I have even checked with Borders technical support and Apple. . . .to no avail!  So, I have gone back to using my PC to download books. . . but that is not the right solution.  Anyone out there who can help?

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            Jim Lester Level 4

            The error message is confusing, because the wrong message is being displayed (it should say just device, instead of device type).  The book you purchased from primisonline had additional restrictions placed on it by primisonline to limit viewing on a single computer.  You will not be able to transfer this book to different computers.   There is no workaround.


            You should be able to confirm this by, on the computer you can view this, bringing up the "Item Info" dialog.  In the permission section you should see "only on this device" next to "Display".

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              Level 4

              Expanding on Jim's comments: for EPUB type books, the publisher decides how

              many copies you can have or share, and whether or not you can copy or print

              it.  If you use ADE in Library view, you will notice an arrow (drop down

              box) in the upper left hand corner of the book's avatar.  If you click on

              it, you will see a tab labelled 'Item Info'.  When you click on this tab, it

              will show you the location of the ebook on your computer and the publisher's

              permissions.  It's useful information if you have any thoughts of

              transferring an ebook or trying to print some portion of it.


              Hope this helps!


              Tom (Frustrated in AZ)