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    Acrobat X --> printing --> Printer Order inverted


      Good Morning Adobe-Team & other Guys,


      we´re running a Windows Terminal Server 2008 with Acrobat X on it (updated 2 Weeks ago). After fixing the "protected Mode" issue on WTS Acrobat X is running really fine for us yet...


      But theres still an "unattractiveness" that our users wanted us to solve:


      When they want to print a pdf file the list of installed printer is inverted (z on the top and a on bottom) - ´the default printer is chosen automatically and is showing on first place in list... after that comes z, y, x etc.


      Has anyone an idea why Acrobat X is doing this? How can i fix the Printer Order? Any Registry entry or something?


      Before someone aks: Printer are installed "localy" on the WTS (no kind of Print-Server or sth.) - Printer Order in Windows Explorer is configured in the right way so this shouldn´t be the problem...


      Hope someone could help - if not our users have to live this


      Edit: made a screenshot for you:




      Thanks for your time!