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    CF and POI Question

      I am trying to create an Excel file on the fly using Apache POI (CF 7). I can successfully create the file and I know that it works because I can open and read the file in Excel IF I write to a file. What I want to do is create the file and save to the database and then at a later time stream the Excel file to the user. Here is my example code so far:

      Code attached.

      The reason I am writing to an Excel file is to prove that the Excel is valid, and it is. I am writing the generated Excel to a database (SQL Server 2000, data type of ntext) and then trying to retrieve it back from the db and then stream to the user. When I do this I get encoded text in the Excel file. Does anybody have any idea where my encoding is off? I have also tried a binary type in the database and had no luck there either.