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    Text Field If Statement...


      Dear Adobe Forum members,


      1. First of all I apologize for my English 'cos I am a Hungarian user and my language knowledgment is not the best..and nor with the program languages...

      2. I know you have learned for years with program languages (Java script, Form Calc, etc..), so I would like to pay for your sevices if you reply to my problem and you can give me the right solution and it works...(I don't know if I can announce it here about the payment...?)

      3. Here is my question:


      I have a:

      Text field (Text_01): Full Name

      Check box (CheckBox_01): Yes/No (default value: unchecked)

      Number field (Total_01): a fixed number (amount eg: $25) (default value is empty)


      I need the help with this form:

      If I enter a name (or focus on the text field), the check box need to be selected (checked) and the numeric field get the value (eg. $25) but when I delete the text field (or lose focus) ,the check box need to turn unselected (unchecked) and the numeric field get a value zero or empty again...


      I have tried several option but my knowledgment is not enough to resolve this problem...:(



      I use Live Cycle....


      Thank you your interest en advance...and wish the best to you


      Nyari Zoltan