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    Adobe reader X limbo




      I'm stuck in adobe reader limbo.


      I upgraded to reader X recently and had my PC crash a few times opening documents so tried uninstalling and re-installing an older version but no joy.


      When I try to install an older version I get the error message: 'Set-up has detected you have a more functional version' and doesn't install.

      When I try to re-install reader X  I get: 'The upgrade patch cannot be installed by the Windows Installer Service as the program to be upgraded may be missing or a different version...'


      I'm using WXP SP3 and IE7


      I've tried to do this a few times, using control panel to remove the program, deleting any Adobe folders but I can't get any version installed.


      Can anyone tell me how I can get a working version of reader installed please?


      Any help is appreciated.