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    Reader X – Document permissions problem


      I have a problem with Adobe Reader X and a reader plugin which provides a custom security handler. Well, the SDK Version of this plugin is rather old, but worked till the latest Adobe Reader 9 version.

      Most of the functions still work (plugin can be loaded, callbacks are ok, reader enabling accepted), except the security permissions.

      The weird thing is that the security properties of the encrypted document shows that I’m allowed to to print or comment, fill in forms etc, but no menu entry or buttons are available (greyed out) in the reader.

      Some debugging of the plugin didn’t show anything suspicious, even after returning only “pdPermAll” in every security handler callbacks the reader won’t enable the functions.


      For me it looks like a bug in the reader X, because of the difference between the shown security settings and the real behavior.

      Or does anyone know about a API change, so that the old, simple version of the security handler is missing something?


      Adobe Reader X (10.0 and 10.0.1)

      Windows XP SP3 ( on 2 different machines)