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    Problem with PHP file when made 'Release' of the project

    uajmal Level 1


      I call a PHP file as an HTTPService. I set the result of this HTTPService to a function which populates a testTextArea with whatever the PHP file has returned (echoed). This work fine when I run the application from flash builder i.e. I get strings in the testTextArea, echoed by my PHP file. But this does not work fine when I make the Release of the project and the testTextArea gets populated by the whole code of PHP file.




                 private function addUserServiceHandler(event:ResultEvent):void{
                      testTextArea.text = event.result.toString(); //This outputs the whole php file in to the textArea as if it were a string

                  private function saveButtonClicked():void{

              <mx:HTTPService id="addUserService" url="addUser.php" resultFormat="text" method="POST" result="addUserServiceHandler(event)" >
                  <mx:request xmlns="">


          <s:Button id="saveButton" includeIn="AddUser" x="313" y="128" label="Save" width="187" height="33" click="saveButtonClicked()"/>